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  • Living Hope Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Kenya, Rays of Hope
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MissioinPoint Ministries

Empowering People to Transform their World - their people

            Bo & Patsy Holland - Lead Missionaries / Founders

Partnerships & Ministries

No Place left - 4 Fields 

Bo & Patsy have been married for 40 years and have spent their entire life helping people grow in their relationship with God in order to transform their world.  They began their ministry starting churches and ministries in their own communities.  They soon began to facilitate others to also accomplish what God was calling them to do.  To this day true joy is seeing people surrender their lives to Christ and begin fulfilling their purpose in life. 

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Current Project 

March 20, 2017- Githongo, Kenya

Bo & Patsy just returned from the March 2017 Kenya Project...
AND AS EXPECTED GOD was already at work.  Our mission was to strengthen the existing work while empowering new people to new opportunities.  The people that were our target had relocated themselves in search of Hope for themselves and their families.  We were praying for persons of peace and God had them waiting for us when we arrived.  We setup the new evangelistic medical clinic....Read More

We need your Help to meet an unexpected request:

  • Purchase additional medical supplies and medicine for the pharmacy
  • Rental of equipment (tents, transportation, etc.)
  • Additional food and housing

MissionPoint is continuing it's partnership with Rays of Hope.  For 5 years we have partnered with Rays of Hope to bring Hope to Githongo. This year, while continuing in Githongo,  we will expand the ministry to a new area where people have migrated into and are in great need of help and hope. We will go and provide a free evangelistic medical clinic to discover all the needs and develop the Hope Strategy.

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  • Asian
  • South Pacific Islanders
  • Northeastern Oklahoma Association of Churches
  • Chicago, Church at DuPage

We are amazed at the what happens when we see a connection between Visionaries to Missionaries to Provisionaries.  Which one or ones are You?  Partnering with MissionPoint allows us to make those connections.

How you can be a part


Empowering ... Empowering every believer/follower of Jesus Christ to Transformation their world - their people by Going, Doing & Telling everyone about God's Love. 

"For more than 35 years we have been empowering others to accomplish what God was calling them to."

Bo & Patsy Holland

We believe every Follower of Christ can and should be working towards Transforming their world- their people- their community to Christ. 

We are and will work with those who desire to be used to bring Hope and Change.

Meet Missionpoint Lead missionaries & Founders

We are not giving up! MissionPoint has partner with the No Place Left Movement to help spread the movement around the world. We are training everyone in the 4 Fields process.  The focus is Salvation, Discipleship and Gathering.   

MissionPoint uses 3 platforms to empower:

Gathering, Connection and Training. We call it the 3z process.  Each platform in itself will empower an individual or group but together the process allow transformation that is lasting and effective.